Our fantage story of us 3


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Fantage stories


mickie L.

Pronounce as:(mic-ie L.)

Hi I’m Mickie! This is about how I find out Fantage! Well first my close friend of mine introduce it to me. First of all I thought it’s just a stupid game. But after a few days I started to play fantage it was a good game. I was super obsessed with the game I usually play like 3 hours straight. But  Fantage had changed… I like it when it was all cheap and stuff. That’s probably what everyone thinks they don’t really like the new Fantage.. I played for maybe almost a year I forgot.. I met alot of new people from other countrys and other states. Fantage has cute avatars they are just so cute I never seen any virtual game like that. I’m glad my friend show me this virtual game it’s a good game after all.


This is me 😀


Pronounce as:(les-son-hel-ping)

i started fantage at 2010 nov i was quiet young…..very young…i started when my sis played it she learn fantage form her bff i been playing as sunshine ….. for 1 year now she only lvl 97 i havent played her ever snice but she has bunny nose form 2010 easter (It was free & fantage sell it for 100000)so i made sarah….because my dad let me get membership but i didnt wnt sunshine to be a mem bcuz i though ‘it will runied my inventory”so sarah was alive till 2012 feb michelle…..is born^_<  then in feb i moved and met mickie and b3uty3 yes were friends in life  and i invite mickie to play fantage on 2014summer after i moved far form them…and she told b3uty3 and this amazing blog happen

nowadays we r still friends even tho i cnt see them i still talk to them online and so ^_^


This is me 😀


Pronounce as:(beauty3 -her “e” form beauty is flip)





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